Yep, busy again: I stay at it pretty hard today, a good days work for an old dude. I did a lot of clearing of bushes and weed-eating today (real work) so I am beat. Mind you, this is nothing I have to do, just things I am volunteering to do.

Rain: We had a good rain yesterday and we’re having a good rain now. Late in the season for this area but we are getting a good hard rain with a good bit of lighting too. A lot like a summer thunderstorm ❗ The rain is making it feel cool in the RV, I may run some heat after a while.

Pictures: Salinas Pueblo Missions This is near Manzano Mountains State Park.

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai2.jpg

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai1.jpg

Salinas Pueblo Missions photo Quarai4-1.jpg

Exercise: The work I did today was plenty good enough to call exercise.

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