Road trip coming

Weather: The mornings are certainly cooler now. The nights are starting to dip into the 30s now and that is cooler than I like but still tolerable. today the wind is blowing pretty good. Well I have just over a couple of weeks to go, so not much longer. I’ll leave here at the end of Oct and I’ll be looking for warmer places.

Road trip coming: I am starting to again think about my winter adventure that is about to start (got delay by couple of months o_O ) here in a couple of weeks. A friend and I are thinking about a direction to go (we know west overall but that is about it) maybe the Grand Canyon depending on the weather, or who knows?

Pictures: Birds it is, and here is a House Finch. The male House Finch usually only has red in his bright colors but now and then you will see one with some or all yellow in the brighter colors and this one has some yellow and red mixed.
Finch House photo olorfulHF2.jpg
This one is more the normal color but I think he is an old dude like me and is saying “Hee, what you say?”
Finch House photo WEBHFC.jpg

Night folks