Cold nights and warm day

Cold: Yep that is about it, no T-shirt and shorts today, brr. I ran the heater all night last night and I was glad of that when I got up this morning 🙂 it was nice and toasty in the RV.
Just looked at the weather for today and the highs are only in the low 60s. Yes a heat wave for some folks, but not for me, still I don’t mind the days so much as the nights when it drops near or below freezing. Even though I have spend most of my life in places where there has been a pretty good winter, after being in the desert for the last 7 years and staying in the warmer part, I just no longer like even the slightest cold weather. I’m getting spoiled in my old age 😉

Update; It is afternoon now, about 3pm and it is about as beautiful as it can get. I just love the warm days, I did get into t-shirt and shorts 🙂

Chores: The chores are on top of the list of to-do’s for today.  I will start with the laundry this morning and maybe by the time I get that done it’ll warm up a bit. Hope so.

Exercise: Yes after getting back from my chores I took me a little walk, just under 2 miles. I used Google My Tracks app to track it. A walk this afternoon. I even added a little stretching to the day, much-needed stretching.

Pictures: Let me see here …… Red-breasted Nuthatcher.
Red-breated Nuthatcher20_8816

Red-breasted Nuthatcher_5459

Windows Updates: It is time to do your Windows updates, second Tuesday of the month. I had near 200 MB this time. My updates are not set to automatic but they are set to tell me when they are available and I usually do all the recommended ones but not all the optional ones.

Night folks