Chill day

Chilling:  Today I have little to nothing I want or need to accomplish, and it is nice to just let the mind  and the body find their way through the day aimlessly. Life is pretty good today πŸ™‚

Bird: updated my Bird of the Week or maybe the Bird of the Month lately. This week it is a Roadrunner.
Roadrunner photo Roadrunner1.jpg
Road Runner photo RRunner1.jpg

Exercise: I walk and stretched this morning afternoon and I even track my walk with MY TRACKS but then I forgot to turn it off after my walk 😦  Maybe it an old dude thing …..?

Enjoyed my Chilling day: Well the day is coming to an end and I have enjoyed the nothingness of the day πŸ™‚ I like a day like this one now and again but not too many, I mostly like a little something to do here and there. Even if I am not volunteering I usually find little things to do, mind you, many of those things are from a setting position o_O but not all.

Night folks


6 thoughts on “Chill day

  1. Our roadrunner was out this morning, teasing my camera. He even got up in a mesquite tree so he could survey his kingdom. A dove had the audacity to fly into the tree, but he ran it out. And then he climbed down himself. Sometimes they sort of glide from a tree to the ground, but this time he climbed down like a monkey!

    Virtual hugs,



    1. They are fun birds to watch if they are people friendly, they pay little attention to you and just do their antic. It is neat having them around.


  2. When we had the roadrunner family being raised in the hedge next to our deck, they seemed not to be concerned with our presence. But that was a couple of years ago, so I don’t know if the roadrunners we have now are the two babies from that nest, or just random passers by! I see one at a time, usually, but on occasion there are two. None of them ever returned to the nest after they fledged. It is starting to come apart now. A lot of birds go into that hedge, but none have ever shown any interest in the nest. There are a lot of berries now, so the mockingbirds have taken over this huge pyracantha hedge.


    1. When I see them in the desert they seems very shy, but when I see them in places like RV parks they are not nearly as shy.


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