Friend in the Campground

Full day: Today I worked half a day and this afternoon run around with my friend(Barry) who is here in the campground now and will stay for the rest of my time(till the end of the month). Great to have a friend around.

Pictures: Cassin’s Finch.
Caseins Finch photo cfinch.jpg

Gray Catbird
Catbird Gray photo Catbird.jpg

Cedar Waxwing
Cedar Waxwing photo ww22.jpg
I have not been taking any pictures for a long time and hopefully I will find some time to do that, all the ones I have been posting are older shots.

After writing the above I got to feeling bad about not taking any new pictures lately, so I took a little birding walk and I’ll see if I got anything wroth posting, later on.

Weather: We are getting a little rain. I am surprised that it has rain as much as it has here this fall. The night are cool the days are warm, and as the month goes by, it gets cooler.

Night folks