Out doors

Work: Yep, it is back to work days. Today is my clean up before the weekend day, try to have things look decent for the weekend, for the campers and visitors to the area.

Camp Ground: I am getting about half full each night now, so 5 out of ten campsites will be full most of the time, it is good that the place is getting used. I am surprised that it is not full all the time, maybe this kind of area is just for some of us, that really like the isolation. If you like the outdoors and the kind of things you do out doors you should love this area. Well, let me work on that a bit …. for the young people things like hunting and hiking. And for older types like myself, walking, birding, observing nature, enjoying the peace and quiet, and other such mild manner things 😉

Time to earn my Keep: Time to go out and see what is happening in all the areas I look after. Do a little cleaning and pick up the trash. Back later.

Pictures: House Wren, this shot taken in KY many years ago.
Wren House photo HouseWren.jpg

Copper’s Hawk, picture also taken in KY.
Hawks Copper's photo HankCooporST.jpg

Verizon: I am frustrated by Verizon. They told me they would call me back and didn’t. I call them and still no one knows what is happening. You’ll have to back up a few post to see what this is all about. Big companies make me nuts.

Night folks