Exercise: Just a short walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.32mi, time: 01:00:40, pace: 26:09min/mi, speed: 2.30mi/h.

WEEK OF 11/23/2014 – 11/29/2014
Workouts 3
Hours 3.94
Distance 10.03
Calories 1212

Pictures: Honey Bee or Humming Bee? I had to take the feeder down, just too many bees 😦

Bee's 20_1453

Night folks



Pictures: A couple of birds.
Little Mocking bird, missing a tail?
Mocking Bird photo MBNT2.jpg

Killdeer with lunch.
Killdeer photo KillD.jpg

Weather: While the rest of the country is having terrible weather it has just been beautiful here in Lake Havasu. Days in the 70 to 80 range and the nights around 50 or so, I just don’t see how it could be better. Hey, that is why I am here 😀

Exercise: Took me a short walk today and used my app MapMyWalk on the new phone and it worked swell ❗ I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.30mi, time: 54:19, pace: 23:37min/mi, speed: 2.54mi/h.

Night folks

New phone

Phone: I got a new phone (cheap one) which I will use for a pocket tablet. It is a Straight Talk phone and is on the AT&T network. The phone is a LG Access. The coverage won’t matter much using it as a tablet like device. It has a newer Android OS on it so hopefully it will run all my apps. Maybe I’ll try it out later today.

Update; Yep that is what I did all day, play on my new phone, pretty fun for a little cheap phone. Best of all my MayMyWalk app is working fine 🙂 and so far all the other apps that I have tried also work well. I have found that it has very little Ram memory in it, and I am not sure how that will go with all my apps. Now will I root it ….. I am sure one day I will get around to it 😀

Short post again today, having too much fun with the simple things in life.

Night folks.

Dead app

RIP MapMyWalk: The MapMyWalk app will no longer work on my old Thunderbolt Smartphone 😦 Okay it is time to give up the Thunderbolt. I only use it as a pocket tablet anyways so I guess things will work out. I don’t have a mobile phone because I am too cheap to pay the ridiculous monthly cost to have one, so for a phone I use Verizon Home connect and I kind of like the ideal of leaving the phone at home 🙂 But I do like to have a data connection with me … so some kind of device that I can carry in my pocket is the thing I,m looking for. A smart phone that is not connected to a carrier would do the trick like the Thunderbolt but a newer one that will work with modern apps. For now I just put the MapMyWalk app on my Nexus 7 and stuck it in my back pocket, but I would like a smaller device for that. So ….. I am on the lookout for something that will work. Maybe a iPod or Smartphone of some sort. At any rate I have needed to let the old Thunderbolt go for a while now so now is the time, RIP Thunderbolt!

Exercise: I took a good walk, just to walk off my frustration of not being able to get the MapMyWalk app on the Thunderbolt, and that I did, no more frustration 🙂 I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 5.30mi, time: 02:04:07, pace: 23:25min/mi, speed: 2.56mi/h. A nice walk.

Bird of the week ….? : Okay bird of something …. it is a
Curve-billed Thrasher.
Curve-billed Thrasher photo CBThrasher1.jpg
Curve-billed Thrasher photo CBthrasher2.jpg

Night folks

Data Reset

Data: Well I am back to a fresh start for now on my data, my billing cycle just restarted, so a fresh 20 gigs. You can bet I will be watching it more closely this month. Today will be a good day to watch because I am doing a bit of catching up 😀 I had a ton of email that I had not gotten to. Once I get off the internet for a day or two I realize just how much I do on the net.

Updates: Trying to update some of my apps at McD’s but it is being a bit of a problem, I think maybe it is the slow connection. The app I’m having the trouble with is the only important app on the phone, it is the MapMyWalk app. Without it I would can the phone.

Update; I could not get my MapMyWalk app to update, and I uninstalled it to try to get it, so I now no longer have the app at all!

Night folks

Data overage

Data: This will be the first time in a long time that I have went over on my data. When I crashed a Windows computer a few years back and had to reload it I went over on data but that is the only time I can remember doing so. I do think I have figured out the big use area, I had big chucks of data usage on a few mornings so that gives me a good ideal as to where my data went. At any rate, back to McD’s for data today.

Chores : Today is chores day so I will soon be off to do a few of them.
Update: Chores as done as they are getting done!

Pictures: Black-headed Grosbeak
Black-headed Grosbeak photo Black-headedGrosbeak7-3-12.jpg

Black Tailed Gnatcatcher
Black Tailed Gnatcatcher photo BTG2.jpg

Night folks

Out of Data

Workout Summary: Not too good, but a little something.
WEEK OF 11/16/2014 – 11/22/2014
Workouts 3
Hours 4.11
Distance 10.23
Calories 1245

Pictures: A few flowers from KY.
Ky photo KCFF1.jpg

KY photo F6.jpg

Ky photo F8.jpg

Data: Checking with Verizon today says I have used over 20 gig of data this month, I have never used that much before. Maybe Verizon counts different from Millenicom?!??! Things are still not right on My Verizon site either and the tech don’t seem to have clue when I call them. Reading on forums tells me other from Millenicom are having the same problems. At any rate here I am at McDonald’s doing my internet stuff. Maybe Verizon should not get me to use to this …. I might be able to give them up all together ❗

From McD’s
Night folks

P.S. may not be a post tomorrow.