City running

City: My friend has got things to do today in the city and I’ll go with him, it’ll be good to see Lake Havasu again. Lake Havasu is a good size city with most all the things one would need.

Weather here: The morning air is cool but nothing like the cool mornings that they will be having over in Grants. NM this coming week. The weather for here has no nights in the forecast lower than 50°, nice 🙂 The days are mostly in the 80s but the next two days are going to be in the 70s …. that is lows I can like! It is a bit windy this morning but I am going with shorts, t-shirt … and sweater ❗
Update; Had to go with pants 😦 got a bit chilly in the morning but I’m back in shorts this afternoon 🙂

Windows 8.1: One of the little things that bug me about Windows 8.1 is that I can’t use the Snipping Tool on the mobile apps (? I guess that is a good enough name for them), such as the Bing Weather app. That is okay I guess I just wanted to show off my fine weather here in Lake Havasu anyways 👿 Well, maybe they will fix it in Windows 10, I hear that the mobile apps in Windows 10 will be like all other apps in that you can resize and move them as any Windows program, so maybe they’ll fix that little bug, that will allow you to use the snipping tool on them.

Pictures: A couple from last year’s trip to the Petrified Forest.
Rock table_0439

Rock logs_0451

Night folks