New spot

Exercise: I started the day with a good walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 4.32mi, time: 01:37:08, pace: 22:28min/mi, speed: 2.67mi/h.

Pictures: New home for a while.
BLM NorthLakeHavasu_1434

BLMNorth LakeHavasuIMG_1433

Night folks


6 thoughts on “New spot

    1. Well … not exactly off to myself but for sure more room than any RV park 🙂 I am really enjoying some nice peace and quite after a summer of hosting.


    1. Hi Lucy and thanks 🙂 “Looking forward to more pictures of the area.” Okay, this means I’ll have to get out my Camera and take it for a walk soon, I need the encouragement sometimes 😉

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