Here we go again

Exercise: Just another short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.28mi, time: 59:16, pace: 26:00min/mi, speed: 2.31mi/h.

Slump: I have been in a slump of late, not for any particular reason, maybe it’s the time of year. It’ll pass soon enough I think but I got this same thing about the same time last year, maybe it’s just the holiday blues. Guess I’m not a big fan of holidays and the biggest holidays of the year is just around the corner. Sorry don’t mean to be all Bah Humbug …. but …. Bah Humbug! LOL. Maybe I was just dreaming last night when I looked out the window and saw this in the desert ……

What …..?!? It was headed north ….. shopping early?

Night folks

4 thoughts on “Here we go again

    1. Yesterday was a bit gloomy but today is nice. I like most others have my moments of “go away world” times, but it passes pretty quick 🙂


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