In the better Weather :)

Weekend: We are into the the weekend and lots of folks coming and going. All the working folks are coming out to play, fair enough, I’ll share 🙂

Weather: Yesterday was a very overcast day but today is mostly sunny so far with a great temperature. I love being here in southwest AZ this time of year and most of the US folks knows why right about now, with the cold front kicking every-bodies weather temperatures down along with other bad weather, snow and such.

Pictures: I’ll change my Bird of the Week and it will be a female Cardinal. What do you think, does she have a Beak-Ring ❓
Cardinal photo AfterC.jpg

Male Cardinal on a rainy day.
Male Cardianl20_9677

Night folks


4 thoughts on “In the better Weather :)

  1. Wow, the weather sure changed overnight, didn’t it??? At least here in Quartzsite… So windy and dusty this morning I moved my rig up a few feet away from a bush that was scraping it all night. Keep the hatches battened! Love the cardinals. 🙂


    1. Hi Barbara and thanks, yes the weather is sure different today! I should be down in Q in another 3 weeks or so, I think, never know for sure 🙂 Look forward to seeing you.


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