Long ride today

Blog: I don’t do a lot on the blog and when I drop pictures I just about don’t have a blog of late. I’m not a big talker even in person so just chatting about stuff is not my best thing. I don’t do a lot of exciting things at this time of my life so there is no big events to speak of. That pretty much leaves the little everyday things of life to blog about and being an older dude, that is not a lot! I guess the fact is that I have not been writing much of late (not that I ever did write a lot) but I use to write a little here and there. Maybe I am just getting lazier?

I kind of got out of putting as much time into the blog when I started my Volunteering last summer so I guess that has a bit to do with it to. Now I am hanging out with my friend Barry, and Barry is a goer and I go with, so we are always running the roads and that takes a good bit of time to, fun but time consuming. As a matter of fact I am off to do that now! Later

Ride: Wow, we rode till we where both wore out today. We rode to Bouse and then on to Quartzsite to goof off a while and then back, I’m beat. I pick up a couple of things for the RV while in Q and look at all the junk they have for RVs, made for a great day. Going down highway 95 is a nice drive form Havasu to Parker, some neat site seeing. I had never been to Bouse so it was neat to see that area too.

Next Location: I am starting to think on it. My friend is going to be taking his RV in for some repairs and it will be time for me to move. My friend and I will probably meet up again after he gets his RV fixed somewhere along the line. My next move could be just to the south of Lake Havasu, as far down as Quartzsite or somewhere in between, we’ll see.

Weather: Man, it is good! Enough said 🙂

Night folks