Lollipop: Updated my Nexus 7 today, that took some time. Taken the update as an opportunity to revamp my apps a little bit and be rid of some that I never use. Redoing apps makes it a lot longer process but I’ll have a nice clean tablet …… for a while. At least till I clutter it up with a bunch of apps again. Many of my root apps are not working just yet, that will take some time. I did a big part of the update on my WiFi and some on McDonalds WiFI but I bet I ended up using more data than I wanted.

Okay, I’m off to play so later.

Night folks

5 thoughts on “Lollipop

  1. Are you talking about your cell phone, or a tablet? BTW, I’m looking for a used 4G smart phone – know anyone who has one laying around and would sell it to me – cheap? Time to upgrade 🙂


    1. Hi Babara, Don’t know of any cheap ones. I am talking a bout a tablet but the update is for many devices, phones and tablets … anything that runs Android.


      1. Oooookay… Should I be updating my 3G Android Verizon phone? It’s a Droid 2. I’ve never updated it – never been notified that I should. Or is that something that you pay for when the updates are available?


      2. Barbara if you can update it …. it will let you know. When I talk of a Nexus Device it is a device that Google updates directly. Most Android devices are not Nexus Device and much be updated by their maker (HTC, Asus, Samsung, LG and so on) So if your phone maker decides not to update your device …. it don’t get updated, unless it is a Nexus. Older phones will not get updated 😦 One of the downsides to Android devices.


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