Out of Data

Workout Summary: Not too good, but a little something.
WEEK OF 11/16/2014 – 11/22/2014
Workouts 3
Hours 4.11
Distance 10.23
Calories 1245

Pictures: A few flowers from KY.
Ky photo KCFF1.jpg

KY photo F6.jpg

Ky photo F8.jpg

Data: Checking with Verizon today says I have used over 20 gig of data this month, I have never used that much before. Maybe Verizon counts different from Millenicom?!??! Things are still not right on My Verizon site either and the tech don’t seem to have clue when I call them. Reading on forums tells me other from Millenicom are having the same problems. At any rate here I am at McDonald’s doing my internet stuff. Maybe Verizon should not get me to use to this …. I might be able to give them up all together ❗

From McD’s
Night folks

P.S. may not be a post tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Out of Data

  1. Well, that’s a real bummer! I’ve heard a few people say or post the same thing,though. I hope they aren’t going to charge you for any overages. If so, I’d dispute it STRONGLY! Even though I have unlimited data, I still keep track of mine, and I am showing 5.16 GB in 2 days – How in the world is that possible? Wow! 😦 When I go into town, I’ll surely park outside a free wi-fi store and do some of my computer stuff.

    I just talked to someone who said they use around 80G each month on their unlimited plan. They stream Netflix all month and they have never had any problems.

    Have you heard about buying unlimited Verizon plans on e-bay from people then switching the names over to yours? One of the bloggers posted about it – Watsons Wander. I don’t know what they paid for it. Apparently it’s done through Verizon and is on the up and up.


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