Data overage

Data: This will be the first time in a long time that I have went over on my data. When I crashed a Windows computer a few years back and had to reload it I went over on data but that is the only time I can remember doing so. I do think I have figured out the big use area, I had big chucks of data usage on a few mornings so that gives me a good ideal as to where my data went. At any rate, back to McD’s for data today.

Chores : Today is chores day so I will soon be off to do a few of them.
Update: Chores as done as they are getting done!

Pictures: Black-headed Grosbeak
Black-headed Grosbeak photo Black-headedGrosbeak7-3-12.jpg

Black Tailed Gnatcatcher
Black Tailed Gnatcatcher photo BTG2.jpg

Night folks

2 thoughts on “Data overage

  1. If you have a PC, I think they do updates automatically without letting you know. There is probably some way to turn that off so that it happens only when you authorize it, but not sure how to do it. Maybe a PC person will chime in to say . . .

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