Data Reset

Data: Well I am back to a fresh start for now on my data, my billing cycle just restarted, so a fresh 20 gigs. You can bet I will be watching it more closely this month. Today will be a good day to watch because I am doing a bit of catching up 😀 I had a ton of email that I had not gotten to. Once I get off the internet for a day or two I realize just how much I do on the net.

Updates: Trying to update some of my apps at McD’s but it is being a bit of a problem, I think maybe it is the slow connection. The app I’m having the trouble with is the only important app on the phone, it is the MapMyWalk app. Without it I would can the phone.

Update; I could not get my MapMyWalk app to update, and I uninstalled it to try to get it, so I now no longer have the app at all!

Night folks