Data Reset

Data: Well I am back to a fresh start for now on my data, my billing cycle just restarted, so a fresh 20 gigs. You can bet I will be watching it more closely this month. Today will be a good day to watch because I am doing a bit of catching up πŸ˜€ I had a ton of email that I had not gotten to. Once I get off the internet for a day or two I realize just how much I do on the net.

Updates: Trying to update some of my apps at McD’s but it is being a bit of a problem, I think maybe it is the slow connection. The app I’m having the trouble with is the only important app on the phone, it is the MapMyWalk app. Without it I would can the phone.

Update; I could not get my MapMyWalk app to update, and I uninstalled it to try to get it, so I now no longer have the app at all!

Night folks

4 thoughts on “Data Reset

  1. I wonder if going to the library would be better – might their wi-fi be faster? I often have problems updating my phone’s apps, and sometimes just give up. My best spot for free wi-fi updating is usually a Home Depot parking lot. If you happen to be near one of those. I seldom get anything installed or updated on my own wi-fi.


    1. Hi Barbara, My connection is great as far as speed goes i was just out of data. The library vs McD’s I don’t know about. Never try Home Depot but there is one in town so maybe the next time I go by.


  2. When you update or install an app on your phone, isn’t it on your computer as well? Or is that just the way it is with a Mac? I don’t have any experience with PC’s. All of my iOS apps reside on my computer’s hard drive as well as on the iPhone. How do you do back ups on your phone?

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    1. No Judilyn, Android are pretty much stand along devices and need no computer. You can use a computer to back up if you like or you can backup to a cloud somewhere or just store a backup on the SD Card in phone.

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