Happy New Years, and may all your resolutions be true.

Pictures: Clark’s Grebe.
Clark's Grebe photo clark1.jpg
Mourning Dove
Dove, Mourning photo whome2.jpg

Cold and Windy: It is up on us for sure. A long time ago there was a person that was in my life that was both my best friend and lover, and as we laid down in bed one night she said these words that made me smile “Brrrr, I hear that cold north wind blowing.”. For some reason these words fell on my ears that night with great warmth and satisfaction as we snuggled close together. Now, when it is cold and windy I always remember that cold and beautiful winter night and for just a brief moment, a warm satisfying feeling flows through me …… and I smile. Maybe 30 years ago? …… a long time ago at any rate. Odd, the silly things that stick in one’s mind.

The wind has kicked up pretty high this afternoon and the temperature is dropping, feels like winter. Weatherman says it will dip just below freezing tonight. I guess I’ve got to expect some of that even here 😦 It’ll pass soon enough.

I’ll get some more of this in April when I take off for Grants, NM to my summer volunteering job. Looking at the weather averages for April in Grants, it looks like it will hit that just below freezing about every night for the month. The weather won’t be to my liking till about June in Grants.

Night folks and Happy New Years:

Winter coming

Pictures: Canyon Towhee. “I’ve had it, I’m going to jump! ”
Canyon Towhee photo CTowhee2a.jpg
“You can’t see me, I’m hiding”
Canyon Towhee photo Towhee2.jpg

Bug : My bug is under control for now and I hope it stays that way. I still have a good bit of congestion but not bad. It came on strong but I threw a lot of medicines at it to include some old antibiotics that I had. Don’t know what help or what didn’t but I think all the medicines I took did help. My friend told me that antibiotics have only a year shelf life and my where very old but I think they helped.

Exercise: Short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.43mi, time: 50:14, pace: 20:42min/mi, speed: 2.90mi/h.

Weather: Looks like we might be getting that all elusive rain, yet again here in the desert, along with some wind and cooler temperstures. But as it is most of the time it is better than what the rest of the country is getting for weather ❄

Night folks

Bate and switch?

Verizon : Verizon is not giving me the discount that they said they would when I signed up for their data package. They did the first month but not this month, so I called in and the person I talked with took the ten dollars off my bill but did not acknowledge that the discount was on there and now I am wondering if they are eventually not going to give it to me? No matter, I will still keep the deal because I can’t beat it anywhere, however I will keep trying to save my $10 a month if I can.
It was odd how they did that discount. They offered it to many of the folks who first switched from Millenicom to Verizon but then stopped offering to the ones that switch later. I think now they are going to try not to honor it, and if they don’t I have no way to prove that they said they would give it to me. Maybe it’ll work out.

Workout Summary: I am not getting the good mileage I was last year 😦
WEEK OF 12/21/2014 – 12/27/2014
Workouts 5
Hours 4.76
Distance 14.86
Calories 1653

Exercise: Short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.34mi, time: 49:21, pace: 21:06min/mi, speed: 2.84mi/h.

Pictures: Field Sparrow.
Sparrow, Field photo FSINSUN.jpg

Chipping Sparrow.
Sparrow, Chipping photo CSINL.jpg

Night folks

That good solar love

Sunny and Cool : It is a beautiful day and just a little chilly for here, but far better than most other places I might could be. Today the sun is giving me the solar love that I so crave …… and it feels good 🌞

Exercise: Another short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.06mi, time: 38:47, pace: 18:52min/mi, speed: 3.18mi/h.

Pictures: Red Crossbill
Crossbill Red photo RedCrossbill.jpg

Coot photo cootw.jpg

Night folks

Out for a short spell today

Out: I got out for a bit today just for something to do, little trip into Blythe.

Exercise: Took a little walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.25mi, time: 44:42, pace: 19:51min/mi, speed: 3.02mi/h.

Pictures: This a bird I seen only one time and I didn’t get a great pictures, but enough of one to remember. This picture taken in KY 8 years ago, Cape May Warbler.
Cape May Warbler photo CMW.jpg

Mountain Chickadee, picture taken in Cloudcroft, NM.
Chickadee Mountain photo MountainChickadee2.jpg

Night folks


Merry Christmas

Windy : Today is a windy day here at the Tom Wells exit off I 10 about 5 miles from the California border. The temperature is about 60° at 12:30 pm. I’ll stay in for the bigger part of the day but I did go out for a while at 11 this morning. The truck stops are open even on Christmas and the one in Ehrenberg has a Cinnabon in it, so I did bad and had me one. It was mighty good.

The truck stops has a Wendy’s restaurant too and it was full of people eating hamburger and french fries, I was surprised.

Pictures: Black-headed Grosbeak, these pictures taken in Cloudcroft, NM.
Black-headed Grosbeak photo Black-headedGrosbeak7-3-12.jpg
Black-headed Grosbeak Female
Black-headed Grosbeak Female photo Black-headedGrosbeakF1.jpg

Tablet: My tablet is fitting my restless ways well. I often get up and wonder around and than a few minutes later I’m back on the tablet blogging, browsing, or whatever. This fits good with the fast on and off of the tablet, the low power use of the tablet is a plus too. When I’m not using the tablet my Hotspot set’s resting peacefully and is ready as soon as the tablet is on. All a good fit for me.

Bug: It is not gone but it is sure in a better place for now.

The Interveiw: The movie (The Interview) is on Google Play but I’m not all that big on comic or I would have rented it. At any rate it is out there for those who want to see it.

Night folks