Friend: My friend had some work done to his RV and hit the road to Yuma. Over the summer I stayed busy doing my workamping thing and I have been running steady while my friend was around and now I must find a slower pace. McD’s and Walmart is close by so I do take a trip to there everyday and sat around in McD’s for a good while and then hang out in the Walmart for a bit but after that it is back to the RV for the day. A slower pace will be good for a spell.

Exercise: After getting back to the RV today, I eat and took off for a little walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.58mi, time: 01:01:16, pace: 23:43min/mi, speed: 2.53mi/h.

Pictures: A Welton, AZ sunset.
Wellton sunrise photo bettersunrise.jpg

Somewhere, not sure where 😦
 photo sence4.jpg

Night folks