Finally getting some sunshine after 3 or 4 days of overcast weather, but it is still cloudy with the sun only peaking out now and then. The temperatures are staying just fine, nice warm days and good sleeping weather for the nights. Just ain’t getting much solar love, that is okay in the big picture, things are great weather wise.

Pictures : Brewers Black Bird
Brewers Black Bird photo Brewers1.jpg

Brewer's Blackbird photo Brewers.jpg

Tablet : I’ve been doing all my blogging with the Samsung tablet for the last two day, mostly to see if I can. It is taking some getting use to but I’m getting there. I find myself both typing and swiping on this keyboard, LOL. It is really too big to swipe with and I’m still getting use to the ideal of typing on screen, so I end up doing a mix of both.

Night folks