Morning humor about oneself

Blogs: I have started my day reading blogs of people that I follow, trying to catch up a bit. There are a bunch of good writers out in blog land, make me envious of their writing talent. About the only thing I got going for me is that I am here everyday. I think one of the thing that I have come to a conclusion about is that I should keep my post short so as to not bore my audience too long. My theory is that anybody can read a couple boring lines but a long winded post would be too much, LOL. As a reader I know that I will sometimes skip over long post and op for the shorter ones and even better, are the ones with a couple of pictures but not too many pictures …… I don’t even like post with too many pictures 😦 So, a simple person with a short attention span? Oops, that is me!?!

LOL, a couple of quotes from yours truly. ” It is okay to be who you like …. as long as you understand the one that you are” 😈 ” Small doses of dysfunction is best eaten with a large dosed of understanding” ❗

New tablet: I am blogging with my new tablet this morning and one of the things I have come to really appreciate is the Samsung onscreen keybroad. I find it to be pretty much like a Windows keybroad which makes it very familiar. As I watch the development of Android, Apple and Windows tablets they become closer in funtion with each new version. There are always going to be small differences but they are slowly starting to do the same things the same way.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.55mi, time: 56:35, pace: 22:10min/mi, speed: 2.71mi/h.

Volunreering/Hosting: Looks like I will be going to Grants the first of Apirl. If you want to hear an old dude fuss over the weather just wait till then. Apirl temperatures are not very warm 😨 Looking at the weather averages it seems the temperatures dip into the freezing range about every night, but as in a lot of the southwest even with colder nights the day temperatures come up nicely into the 60s.

Visitors: Had a great visit with one of my friends (Barbara) ☺ Link to her blog over on the right side of the blog. It always feels good to have folks come by that I know.

Pictures: Mocking Bird
Mocking Bird photo MockingBird8086.jpg

Red-breasted Nuthatcher
Nuthatcher Red-breasted photo RBN9.jpg

Night folks