Ouch, sore neck

Stiff neck :
Ouch, I slept with my head crock wrong somehow last night and now I’m all twisted up this morning, don’t you hate that when it happens? I guess on the other hand if I didn’t noticed while I was sleeping, I must have been sleeping well 😴

Exercise: A good walk today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 5.83mi, time: 01:53:26, pace: 19:28min/mi, speed: 3.08mi/h.

Pictures: Here are some very Young Great Horned Owls.

This one maybe only a few days old?
Owl Great-horned photo OWl2_8615_zps302384c2.jpg

This one was already a big bird but had got out of the next a little too soon, couldn’t fly just yet.
Owl, Baby Great Horned photo BabyGHO.jpg

Night folks