Fast Internet sometimes at McD’s

WiFi: I have been doing some music uploading at McD’s  and sometime the WiFi is pretty fast and other times it run slow. Yesterday in couple hours I uploaded about 600 MB  of music. Today in the same time I uploaded about a 150 MB, with the first 100 going up in less than 15 minutes and then the last 50 was well over an hour, go figure. I give up on it for today. I am guessing that I have about 2 gig left to upload so maybe I’ll do that at the end of my bandwidth cyle.
Just out of curiosity, I stopped by the library in Blythe to see how their Internet ran and found it to be very slow.

Pictures: Bendire’s Thasher.
Bendire's Thasher photo IMG_5150web.jpg

Eastern Blue Bird
Blue Bird Easten photo BackBG.jpg

Night folks