Fighting the bug

Bug: The little bug is kicking, and I am throwing a few pills at it 💊 Well, I’m sure that there are lots more folks out there fighting this little bug alone with me, and it will pass with time. At this time in my life I’m not quick to wish away time but this can hurry alone if it likes!

Pictures: This should be the last of these little guys for a while. I’m still thinking this is the Black-tailed Gnatcatcher. Any of you birders out there are welcome to speak up.
Gnatcatcher TomWellsBLM 7D_1617

Butterfly TomWellsBLM 7D_1620

Exercise: I made myself go out for a short walk, didn’t feel any worst out than I do in, so a good thing ☺ I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.30mi, time: 44:31, pace: 19:21min/mi, speed: 3.10mi/h.

Night folks


2 thoughts on “Fighting the bug

  1. The Gnatcatchers have an appealing look about them. They always make me smile. I hope this one’s cheery little head angle makes you feel ever so slightly better today! ;->

    Virtual hugs,



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