Merry Christmas

Windy : Today is a windy day here at the Tom Wells exit off I 10 about 5 miles from the California border. The temperature is about 60° at 12:30 pm. I’ll stay in for the bigger part of the day but I did go out for a while at 11 this morning. The truck stops are open even on Christmas and the one in Ehrenberg has a Cinnabon in it, so I did bad and had me one. It was mighty good.

The truck stops has a Wendy’s restaurant too and it was full of people eating hamburger and french fries, I was surprised.

Pictures: Black-headed Grosbeak, these pictures taken in Cloudcroft, NM.
Black-headed Grosbeak photo Black-headedGrosbeak7-3-12.jpg
Black-headed Grosbeak Female
Black-headed Grosbeak Female photo Black-headedGrosbeakF1.jpg

Tablet: My tablet is fitting my restless ways well. I often get up and wonder around and than a few minutes later I’m back on the tablet blogging, browsing, or whatever. This fits good with the fast on and off of the tablet, the low power use of the tablet is a plus too. When I’m not using the tablet my Hotspot set’s resting peacefully and is ready as soon as the tablet is on. All a good fit for me.

Bug: It is not gone but it is sure in a better place for now.

The Interveiw: The movie (The Interview) is on Google Play but I’m not all that big on comic or I would have rented it. At any rate it is out there for those who want to see it.

Night folks