Bate and switch?

Verizon : Verizon is not giving me the discount that they said they would when I signed up for their data package. They did the first month but not this month, so I called in and the person I talked with took the ten dollars off my bill but did not acknowledge that the discount was on there and now I am wondering if they are eventually not going to give it to me? No matter, I will still keep the deal because I can’t beat it anywhere, however I will keep trying to save my $10 a month if I can.
It was odd how they did that discount. They offered it to many of the folks who first switched from Millenicom to Verizon but then stopped offering to the ones that switch later. I think now they are going to try not to honor it, and if they don’t I have no way to prove that they said they would give it to me. Maybe it’ll work out.

Workout Summary: I am not getting the good mileage I was last year 😦
WEEK OF 12/21/2014 – 12/27/2014
Workouts 5
Hours 4.76
Distance 14.86
Calories 1653

Exercise: Short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.34mi, time: 49:21, pace: 21:06min/mi, speed: 2.84mi/h.

Pictures: Field Sparrow.
Sparrow, Field photo FSINSUN.jpg

Chipping Sparrow.
Sparrow, Chipping photo CSINL.jpg

Night folks