Winter coming

Pictures: Canyon Towhee. “I’ve had it, I’m going to jump! ”
Canyon Towhee photo CTowhee2a.jpg
“You can’t see me, I’m hiding”
Canyon Towhee photo Towhee2.jpg

Bug : My bug is under control for now and I hope it stays that way. I still have a good bit of congestion but not bad. It came on strong but I threw a lot of medicines at it to include some old antibiotics that I had. Don’t know what help or what didn’t but I think all the medicines I took did help. My friend told me that antibiotics have only a year shelf life and my where very old but I think they helped.

Exercise: Short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.43mi, time: 50:14, pace: 20:42min/mi, speed: 2.90mi/h.

Weather: Looks like we might be getting that all elusive rain, yet again here in the desert, along with some wind and cooler temperstures. But as it is most of the time it is better than what the rest of the country is getting for weather ❄

Night folks