LG Access rooted

Pictures: White wing Dove and Eurasian Collared Dove.

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Eurasian Collared Dove 20d_1550

Email: It seems that my email has been particularly busy of late, ever have one of those time when it feels like your email is filling up way to fast? Most of it is stuff I want which is good, but sometimes I wonder if maybe I should opt out of a few things, LOL. I know that I should some of it because all I do is delete it anyways.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.63mi, time: 49:22, pace: 18:46min/mi, speed: 3.20mi/h.

Rooting : Yesterday I rooted my phone (the LG Access L31L) with the Towelroot app. It went well, the only thing about doing it this way that is bad is that the bootloader is still locked. Which is kind of bad because you can’t flash another rom or do a lot of other things that a custom recovery would let you do. Still I have root and that allows a lot to happen. For me the best thing is the “ops app” app which lets me control a good bit of what other apps do.

Night folks

2 thoughts on “LG Access rooted

  1. Well, now I’m really jealous! Except that I’m loving my phone. I played around with it so much I had to do a factory reset and start all over again! Now I’m back to really loving it again. The only thing I don’t like is that I have to use a password or number ID to get into the phone every time (Verizon requires that for FoxFi users, at least on unlimited), and that’s a bit of a pain. But I’m getting use to it and for now will leave it.

    Have fun configuring your phone the way YOU want it. Nice!


    1. Thank Barbara, You have a far better phone with the Galaxy S3 than I, but mine was cheap. Interesting about Verizon, FoxFi and unlimited.
      Had I thought that I could have got reception this summer on AT&T towers I would have gotten the Straighttalk’s Galaxy S4 which was on sale black Friday for($250.00) (they have that phone on the AT&T network). So I’m thinking that I wouldn’t be able to use it in Grants. I won’t be able to use the LG either but I don’t have that much money in it so it can just rest for the summer 🙂


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