Out for a little today

Pictures: Dark-eyed Red-Back Junco. These picture taken in Cloudcroft, NM.
Dark-eyed Red-Back Junce 20d_7411

Brak-eyed Red-Back Junco 20d_7428

Blythe: Took a little trip into Blythe today and pick up a few food items and some water. Mostly goofing off.

No Exercise and Exercise Summary for 2014 : Taking the day off, I’ll get back to it tomorrow.

Not bad!
Workouts 189
Hours 212.9
Distance 741.61
Calories 72949

I think (I know) my weight is up so maybe the calories need to be higher on the burn side and less on the intake side(most likely)! Ha, something for the new year ☺

Night folks