Yes! Back to warm weather

Pictures: When I post some of my bird pictures I will often pull them out of old file folders on my Computer and just pick ones I have not processed yet, put them in Photoshop and see what happens. Today I found a folder named (Sort Cloudcroft) this means that I took these shots deleted the bad ones and just left them to sort later into the right bird folders(which it looks like I never got around to doing). So it is kind of like new stuff to me 🙂 .I took these pictures about 3 years ago in Cloudcroft, NM, and it is one of the best places I have been here in the west for birding. Should you ever be in the area I would highly recommend camping out in the National Forest near Cloudcroft, NM. Beautiful area with lots of birds.

Here is two pictures I took while there.

I’m not all that good at IDing Warblers, so if you don’t think this one is not a Yellow Warbler drop me line with the right ID.
Yellow Warbler
YellowWarble maybe 20d _7828

Western Bluebird.
Western BlueBird 20d_7794

Weather: Yes’ I talk of the weather a lot, well you know that good weather is an old dude’s dream? It is true, we live for the beautiful days with lots of sunshine and mild weather 🙂 You know what? It is a good day for me today 🙂 The sun is out and the temperatures are getting better. I think maybe the cold spell has pass by this little area of the southwest, a nice thing for all the other RVers and I, indeed.

WordPress: After getting the stats the other day I have been looking around the stats page and man, it sure has a lot of information about what is happening with your blog! Stats is not a thing I have paid the least bit of attention to during my blogging but after a good look around I can see the page has a lot of useful info and tools. I sometimes get busy and miss when followers join and then I of course miss out on their blogs. I see you can find a list of your followers in the stats, I didn’t know that 😦 because I just didn’t looked at them. I guess there is a lot I don’t know about blogging even if I have been at it a while. I guess it is never too late to learn.

Exercise: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.39mi, time: 45:04, pace: 18:50min/mi, speed: 3.19mi/h.

Night folks


2 thoughts on “Yes! Back to warm weather

  1. I love those Western Bluebirds – that’s a great photo.

    I think we ALL talk about the weather a lot, but I think it’s mostly because the weather really affects us. If it’s super cold or super hot, it’s not like we’re in a house or condo. It makes more of a difference to us. Just walking Katie – perfect weather means more and longer walks. Too hot or too cold, she only gets potty breaks outside. Plus, the extra cold or heat means we use our RV’s systems, meaning we need propane and/or gas more often. It’s a bit more of a challenge.

    My dad was complaining that it was cold in his room and he needed an extra blanket. Oh, if it was only that easy…. LOL


    1. Thank you Barbara. Even if I was in a house or condo …weather would no doubt, still be one of my favorite subjects. I like going outside and when I do, I feel the weather and I know there is not a thing I can do to change it, so I just got to give it a little lip if it happens to be to or not to my liking, LOL. It is the subject that is always available and as I have gotten older, I am far less picky as to what I chat about ❗ You are of course right in what you say, we are just not set up for hard weather either way, hot or cold.


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