Chill day

Pictures : Carolina Chickadees.
Carolina Chickadee 20d _2513

Carolina Chickadee 20d_2483

No exercise : Today will be a chill day. I did take a small birding walk but that is about it for today. Only seen a couple of birds and that was the Black-tailed Gnatcatchers as best I could tell.

WordPress Reader: For a long time I have been trying to get some Boggers(as in Google Bogger) in my WordPress reader and I think I got that done toady. I don’t know if I will be able to do “likes and comments” form my reader or not, but we’ll see. The trick was to do this from the website and not my WordPress app on Android, which I use for most of my blogging.

Night folks


4 thoughts on “Chill day

  1. FYI – my WordPress blog is my backup for Blogger (and I never check it). In case something happens with Blogger and I lose the posts I have. (I haven’t backed up in a while, but will try to do that this weekend.)


    1. Yes, I seen your WordPress blog and at first I was thinking why can’t I see past this Rockhound post? and then it hit me that it was your backup. But still I got you in my reader on WordPress and your Bogger post do show up, even if I can’t interact with them(find that this morning). At least I’ll know when you post.


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