Visiting with a friend

Pictures: Butterflies, Cabbage Whites. I took these shots a log time ago in KY.

Cabbage White 20d_6282

Cabbage White 20d_5568

Friend visiting: Had a friend come by this morning to visit and had a great time catching up. You always have lots to talk about when you don’t see each other for a year 🙂
While in the boondocks I don’t often see friends so it is always a subject I will mention when I do see them, because it give me great pleasure to visit with friends.

Exercise: Another day off I think 🙂

Weather: Not bad today, it is nice but windy as can be.

Night folks


12 thoughts on “Visiting with a friend

  1. I’ve taken photos of those butterflies – mostly at Bluewater Lake, I think. I didn’t know they were Cabbage Whites. Good shots of them. Yes, it’s nice to visit while we’re boondocking, and a real treat to see the ones who we meet up with only once a year. Quartzsite is a good place for that because so many of us end up here during the month of January.

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    1. Hi Barbara, the butterflies are like birds, there are so many of them that look almost alike 😯 but that is kind of what makes them fun to do. The Q is the go to place ☺


    1. Thanks Storstadsnatur, I live in the east of the US most of my life and there where always lots of butterflies in the summer, I now spend most of my time in the western desert that has far less butterflies and I miss them.


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