Pictures: Just silly stuff.
I could feel someone watching me, I looked over and seem this tree’s eyes on me 🙂 These where small holes(dime size) and I wonder what made them?
watchingyou 20d_1494

I liked the composure on this shot but I could not the get the color right to save me, so a black and white it is. Gnatcatcher.
Gantcatcher 7d_1624

Exercise: Short walk, I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.27mi, time: 43:47, pace: 19:15min/mi, speed: 3.12mi/h.

Night folks


2 thoughts on “Watching

  1. Could those be woodpecker holes? There was a tree in Belmont, CA that was covered with perfect holes like that and I think they said woodpeckers made them. Just the right size to shove a certain kind of shelled nut into.

    I love the colors on the gnatcatcher photo – that’s not really B&W is it? I can see very soft colors. That would make a great framed photo.


    1. Hi Barbara, yes i bet it was a Woodpecker that made the holes, but back east I know that some bees will make holes about that size, not sure out here in the west. No color in the last one, maybe it is the hue of it? You guys having fun in Q?


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