Spot Free Rinse, FREE

Pictures: Eastern Towhee, another bird with fun eyes.
Eastern Towhee 20d _3123

Eastern Towhee 20d_5147

FREE, Spot Free Rinse: Yes today in the desert we have a FREE, Spot Free Rinse …….. that means it is raining 🙂 Yes, I washed the truck in the rain!

Exersise: In between the rain showers, I got one of my short walks today. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.36mi, time: 41:17, pace: 17:29min/mi, speed: 3.43mi/h.

Weather: There has been a good bit of rain today, a lot more than I expected. It is still raining even now.

Night folks


2 thoughts on “Spot Free Rinse, FREE

  1. It if needs it, I always wipe down The Palms after a rain. Jeanne was out there this morning cleaning the “still wet” side of her motor home. Gotta take advantage of that free water. 🙂


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