Data off

Pictures: Butterflies, here is a Skipper.
Skipper photo S12.jpg

Monarch photo Mr.jpg

Rain today: Lots of rain happening today. As I slept last night and woke now and then I could hear the rain hitting the roof and when I got up this morning it was still raining. It looks and feels like it may be here for a while.

Exercise: Well, I did do my walking today but I messed around and loss my tracking on it. Had it all tracked and than did a restart on my phone before saving it. Seeing as I’m not paying for service right now the data is off so I must connect to WiFi to upload my maps. I was having a bit of trouble connecting to my WiFi and decided to do a restart forgetting that my track was not saved yet. Anyways I did my two miles πŸ™‚ so all is well.

Weather: Today’s weather gives me lots of clouds.

Night folks


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