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A Fly 20d

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Workout Summary for the month/Exercise:

Workouts 26
Hours 21.75
Distance 72.06
Calories 7989

Walk: I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.91mi, time: 01:03:00, pace: 21:38min/mi, speed: 2.77mi/h.

Friend : I had a friend come by today and visit for a spell and he walk with me today, so it was nice to have company on my walk. Visitor are always good 🙂

Mail: Today I called my mail service to have my mail forward to me. I only get mail about once every three months.

Verizon ^&**#%^(*$ : Damn, they make me nuts! When I set up my account with them a few months back, Verizon told me that they would take my account over from Millenicom and charge me 99.99 and give me a 10.00 discount to make my charge the same as I was paying Millenicon. Now they will not ….. &^$&*(&($, dirt balls. I was very careful to understand what they where offering me when I sat up the account. In the end they told me the person that sat up my account made a mistake and that they could not do that. They try twice to change my account to one of the share “everything plans” which would have cost me even more money. Poor way of doing business, however there is no better deal here in the US for wireless data plan. The business model here in the US is to Monopolize and Gouge !

Sorry about that, just needed to vent a little 😦

Night folks


12 thoughts on “Visiter

  1. Well, that’s just a real bummer and not fair at all. If the person at their call center gave you the deal, they have it on tape and should honor it. I’ve always loved Verizon and their great service, but lately things seem to be going south with them. Can you not call again and speak to people up the line – insist that was the deal – write letters and e-mail to anyone in the company from their marketing people to customer service people all the way up to the President and CEO, with a copy to all the members of the Board of Directors? – to the FCC if you have to. I’ve done that in the past, and it works. If you KNOW you are right, fight for it.

    I heard something on the radio last night about how Verizon is one of the huge profit companies right at the top of the heap – you’d think they would take good care of us and not gouge us so much. Share the wealth a little and create customer loyalty. 😦


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