Pictures: Smartweed, a wild flower in KY. This Plant (the leafs) can be use as a food (for flavoring foods) and as medicine for different things. Fun to read about, give it a Google for the read.

Smartweed 20d 2_2548

Smartweed 20d_2544

New Knee: Today is 5 years on my full knee replacement ……. think I will go for a walk šŸ™‚

Today’s exercise/Workout Summary : Great walk ā˜ŗ I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 6.02mi, time: 01:53:35, pace: 18:53min/mi, speed: 3.18mi/h.

WEEK OF 02/15/2015 – 02/21/2015
Workouts 5
Hours 5.27
Distance 16.83
Calories 1869

Night folks


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