Pictures : House Wrens. On this first one I think I missed focus on the bird and maybe hit the leaf 😦
House Wren 20d _4749

House Wren 7d _0187

Blythe: Took a little trip into Blythe today to do my laundry and some shopping and now I’m done for the day 🙂

Night folks


8 thoughts on “Wren

  1. I feel your pain on the missed wren. The leaf looks FAB. 😉 Your bird photos are really enjoyable. Shortly after taking up photography I had trouble with my eyes which led to surgery. Focus is problematic for me. That and I always forget the White Balance.


    1. Thanks Dunelight, got to have a few miss shots now and then and most people just delete them but I just have to try and save some of them sometimes, just to see if I can, LOL. There is a lot to keep in mind when shooting and I don’t get them all right, but it is fun learning as I go.


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