Area thinning out

Pictures: Barn Swallow, this first one was a tough shot and I didn’t do too well.
Barm Swallow 20d_0875

Barm Swallow 20d_2028

Exercise: Short Walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.01mi, time: 39:29, pace: 19:36min/mi, speed: 3.06mi/h.

Thinning : The area is thinning out pretty fast now. Not many RVs here now and I may soon add to the demise of the place 🙂 This morning 3 RVs that where within eye sight left out.

Nought folks


4 thoughts on “Area thinning out

  1. Your barn swallow shots are great – especially the first one. I finally got them, too, but my photos weren’t half as good as that first one. I like that you can see his underside and tail feathers.

    The weather is so weird here. (We’re off Sidewinder Road near Yuma.) It’s been windy, then a couple days of really nice weather, including today. Then suddenly I look up and the wind is howling and you can’t see the mountains for the dust. It happened so fast. Definitely staying inside!

    You’re getting bored, for sure. But think of the freezing weather at your next Work Camping job. Brrrr. Maybe if you started heading that way slowly…. 🙂


  2. It is interesting to see your avatar on the same sites that I visit, or those who visit me, so I guess we are cross pollinating. I am always entranced by the blog sites from folks from different countries, and I wonder how they found me.

    Virtual hugs,



    1. Yes, I too sometimes find a blog and think I will follow this one and start looking and see others that are following me or others that I am following. I think WordPress has a plan 🙂 I too wonder where some bloggers come across my blog and why they choose to follow me. I think many click follow and then never look at their reader, I’m not sure the reader keeps up very well either, sometimes I think I miss post.

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