Gold Finch

Pictures: American Gold Finch.
Gold Finch 20d_9530

Gold Finch 20d_9386

Exercise: Another walk and this one about 3 miles and will probably be my walk this week. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 3.16mi, time: 01:01:08, pace: 19:21min/mi, speed: 3.10mi/h.

Well …… : This morning it was about 50° with just a little wind and I was thinking that was chilly. I am going on over to NM soon for my Volunteer job. Many of the mornings will be about 20° and man I am going to be fussy over these cold mornings so get ready to hear me wimp! It will be fine but I will fuss at myself for a couple of months but I will settle in soon enough. I am ready to do something different, I have enjoyed my rest this winter but I am completely bored now. I will be more than ready for this boredom after 7 or 8 months of volunteering this year, but for now I am ready for something to do.

Night folks


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