Settling in

Pictures: Just a couple snaps of the brown winter look of Joe Skeen Campground.
Joe Skeen photo Joe Skeen 20d_1518_zpsunj5gdpu.jpg

Joe Skeen photo Joe Skeen 20d _1515_zpsde7vmlsn.jpg

Settling in: My boss told me that he would get the truck out to me today so I can start to check things out and get started. Seeing as there has been no host this winter I’m sure I will find lots to do and I am kind of looking forward to it.

Solar: It is nice to be on the big Solar array šŸ™‚ No worries about Electric. Here is a shot from last year of the solar array, 48 panels and I am the only one on them. Mind you, I still can’t do all the Electric I might want (for example run all electric heat) but I can do about 90% of all the things I would do if plugged in.
BLM Grants Solar_1141

Weather: Yes it is chilly here but I have the heat running and I am comfortable as can be. Of course I have not had to be outside much yet. I will be using a lot of propane the first couple of months here but that is OK.

Update: Well the boss got the truck to me today and tomorrow I will have to collect my tools. Lots of work waiting for me.

Night folks


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