Narrows Rim Trail

Pictures: Here is two shots from last year I took from a walk along the Narrows Rim Trail. In both of these pictures all the dark area you see is lava, there is miles of it. As you walk along, you are on top of 500 feet tall sand stone cliffs and look out over the lava. The road runs between the lava and the sand cliffs and that is why it is named the Narrows. The first pictures show the road at the bottom of the cliff and the lava just the other side if it. I look forward to walking the trail again this year. Here is a great site about the trail if you want to read about it.
Narrows Rim Trail 20d_1276

Narrows Rim Trail 20d_1265

Exercise : I did walk 2 miles today but did not use my app to track it.

Night folks