Aldridge Petroglyphs

Walk: Today I’ll go on one of the guided walks by the Ranger(Paul) and that will be an all day thing pretty much. I like going on the walks it makes for a great day. We are going to see the Aldridge Petroglyphs today and not everyone knows about these, they are not on a mark trail, map, or other record anywhere that I know of. If you look back in my blog to last fall you can find pictures and I’ll get more today. Sorry, I won’t post my tracks on this one. The walk is about 3 miles round trip.

Weather: Over all it has not been too bad. The morning are kind of cold but the days are great. Today should be just right for a good nature walk. At any rate, I am enjoying it here at my volunteer job already, no matter the weather.

Pictures: Here is some shots from today’s walk at the Aldridge Petroglyphs site.

This one has some bad shadows today and it also had them last year when I went. I need to catch this place on a overcast day.
Aldridge Petroglyphs 7d_1687

Aldridge Petroglyphs 7d_1686

Aldridge Petroglyphs 7d _1689

Night folks