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Pictures: Here are a couple more from last Sunday walk. I am playing with file size here, I usually cut my file size to about a half MB but I have one of these that is over 17MB, can you tell which? πŸ™‚ ? LOL. Sure is slower loading up. I have notice that lots of other folks files look a lot better than mine when I blow them up on on the computer and that is why I am playing around with file size, I guess I am still back in 2000 when a 1/2 MB file was huge 😯 and ….. I guess I am pretty much distorting my files when I resize to such a low file size, but it sure makes handling them much easier.

Dittert walk 7d_1756

Dittert Walk 20d_1758

I will have to start studying the size of files of the folks pictures that I most enjoy, and start adjusting to modern times 😯
I would enjoy hearing from folks as to the size files that they think is best for online posting, so drop a line or two in comments if you like.

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4 thoughts on “File size

  1. I like the second photo better – the colors are darker and richer. I reduce my photos from 4608 x 2592 px – that’s the size my camera is set for, down to 1024 x 768 px. I used to make them smaller, but these seem better and hopefully are still loading fast. Let me know if my photos are still too large for blogs to load easily. πŸ™‚


    1. I have been making my 1200 X whatever, with 1200 being the large side, but I don’t think they are staying up well on today’s high end monitors. The second pictures is over 5000 X something, making it a 17mb file. Barbara, a file 1424 X 768 should always load pretty fast I’d think.


  2. Whoa! SEVENTEEN MEGABYTES? I reduce my blog photos to ten inches on the shortest side, and that works out to about 3xx to 7xx kb per photo. They seem clear enough to me, but I have no idea how they appear on the screens of other computers.

    Virtual hugs,



    1. LOL, yes to much but I am just playing around with a little bigger files till I decide where I want the size to be. I have a tablet that don’t make some of my pictures look very good but maybe it is just the tablet? I am sure I won’t be posting many 17mb pictures πŸ™‚


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