Hummers “a coming”

Pictures: Hummers, from pass years.
Anna’s Hummer.
Anna's Hummer 20d_0062

Calliope Hummer.
Calliope Hummer 7d_1383

Birds : While at the Ranger Station working today one of the rangers said “look a hummer” and sure enough they are here and it is nice to see them again 🙂 My feeder is out and waiting for customers!

Night folks


11 thoughts on “Hummers “a coming”

  1. Lucky you. My favorite bird to watch and the challenge to capture. Now, It seems that they are almost out of Florida. I haven’t seen one in more than a week. I put fresh sugar water this morning in my feeder. Hope they come to say good bye for the season. Enjoy.


    1. The hummers are always fun to watch for sure and being out west here I get a few different kinds and I really like that. Maybe your hummers will need a last drink to make the trip north 🙂

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