Human food …….

Pictures: About 7 or 8 year ago I came through SD Bad Lands and I seen these Prairie Dogs and people where feeding them and I think maybe, they eat a lot of McDonald’s, LOL.

Prairie Dog 20d_7102

I could swear I heard this one say ” Man, that Big Mac was good!”
Prarire Dog 20d_7121

Weather: The day is starting out with a little rain, that keeps it a bit cool.

Friday: It’s my Friday so I can do the same thing I do all week except the 2 to 4 hours I do in the morning at the harder type work (weed eating, clearing, digging, filling, fence repair and such). Hosting a camp ground is a 24/7 job, mind you, lots of down time but it never stops. It keeps me busy and out of trouble 😉 It is busy for a Monday with 7 out 10 sites full.

Night folks


8 thoughts on “Human food …….

  1. Ohhh, that’s really sad. If a predator comes after him, he wouldn’t be able to run and duck fast enough and fit in to some of the little escape holes. I hate to see fat animals, even dogs and cats. 😦 But he iS super cute!


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