Trusty 20D

Pictures: A couple I have took lately, with my trusty old Canon 20d and the very old 18-55mm Kit Lens. The two of them together might get you a $100.00 …… if you find a sucker! I feel like I still get good use out of them though.

Flower, there are lots of these around here.

Sunset, Last Night.

Back at it: It is time to get back at things again. I’ll do some more clearing the sidewalks today, just basic cleaning.

Weather: Much better today šŸ™‚

Night folks


2 thoughts on “Trusty 20D

  1. Both are beautiful! The 18-55mm Nikon kit lens does a better job than most give it credit for. It’s an excellent close-up lens, and on the wide end the distortion is easy to fix in Adobe ACR or Lightroom. I sold mine years ago, and have missed it more than I thought I would have. Especially when hiking.


    1. Thank you, the kit lens always surprises me, in a good way. Hiking is when I like both my old 20d and the kit lens because I can beat and bang and not worry about it!

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