The day gone in a flash

Pictures: Couple shots around the camp ground.

Landscape 20dIMG_1721

Landscape 20d_1719

The day: My day has been busy and the camp ground is full for tonight at 6pm. The day was sure gone fast!! I was painting this morning.

Internet : The internet (Verizon) is acting up a bit for some reason. My connection down in the hole( my RV site/host site) is only 3g speed today 😦 I have been talking with others in the camp ground and theirs is less signal too, but all the others are higher up than I so most of them have 4G speeds.

Night folks


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    1. Hello Jim, I’m about 10 miles south of Grants, NM on Highway 117. Look on the right side of my blog you’ll see a link named “Where I am now”, click this link and you’ll find a Google map to where I’m at, here at the campground.

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