Pictures : Couple birds.

Scrub Jay, visiting for some seeds. Maybe tomorrow when I do my shopping I’ll buy some peanuts for the Jays.
Jay Scrub 7d_2025

A wet Canyon Towhee, after a nice bath in the birdbath.
Canyon Towhee Cleanedup 7d_2017

Weather: It is starting to get warm, but I like warm much better than cold. July and Aug will be the hot ones but I’ll get use to it.

Exercise : I have been walking a lot lately but I’ve not kept track of it. Lee who is staying here now is a great walker so he has kept me motivated. (Thanks Lee 🙂 )

Night folks


4 thoughts on “Birds

  1. It was in the 90’s here in No. CA today. I can’t imagine how hot it was there. When I was girl I lived in Twenty Nine Palms, and Bakersfield, CA where the Summer temps hit well over 110 degrees for weeks, and it didn’t bother me. We didn’t have AC either. Today as an adult I would find those temps unbearable! Stay hydrated my friend!


    1. Thank you Romina 🙂 I find that when I am in the cities I go to the city parks and find the birds are all gather there after they gone to visit McDonald’s 😉


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