Pictures: Couple Wild Flowers.

wild flower 20d_1916

Wild Flower 20d_1897

News: And the news is …. I have decided to leave my volunteer position at the end of the month, I’m going to rest up a bit and enjoy life πŸ™‚ I give my notice today and I think I pretty much made the decision last Sunday. It is a great volunteer position for anyone looking for one, and fine people to work with too.

Night folks


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  1. That’s the choice you have as a volunteer, you can always unvolunteer. You can always go back to the volunteer position or discover something else that you enjoy doing. Best of luck. Jim

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  2. Wonderful flowers captured well, John. I presume you have company in your travels (haven’t read your About page, so guessing). May the wind be behind you, and the road straight ahead, or curvy as the land lies, and may your instincts take you to the right place(s). Enjoy! Cheers, :O)

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